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There is nothing subtle about Flexolink.

"We offer solutions beyond our remit and deliver way beyond your expectations, Flexolink adds value at every stage of your project."

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"Flexolink is dedicated to helping printers improve their printing operations by offering a range of consultation and service based products."



Custom Engineering

Flexolink has built a reputation as a supplier with the ability to take on complex requirements and to produce effective solutions.  We custom design all aspects of plate mounting systems, from simple 60x magnification manual Lasermounters to highly customized semi automatic systems for narrow, wide web and corrugated.

Upgrades - Retrofits

Flexolink supplies flexo printing and flexo mounting system upgrade services including retrofit components for key areas for maximized performance improvement.

Turnkey Installations

Turnkey installation services are provided to customers that wish to subcontract the management of a complete system installation.

Performance Flexo Audits

Performance audits are offered to companies looking to correct problems or improve efficiency in their printing, mounting and prepress operations.  We will help obtain significant cost savings and efficiency gains by identifying and recommending solutions for problems areas.


Complete Factory plant layouts and plans

For those serious about ergonomic layouts, process flow, storage and systems integration then we can help. Every aspect of departmental function can be catered for. Dangerous goods, film conveyancing and movement, ink system traceability and data collection, solvent recycling are areas that can be looked on as individual or as a complete solution.


Innovation Centres

For those serious about flexo, Flexolink can setup an innovation centre for your business. Through this you can be the laboratory for the larger aspect of your company......... your R&D will be the catalyst that will lead to a company wide implementation of new processes, incomprehensible cost savings and supply.


"Flexolink was the first to design and build a Laser assisted printing plate mounting machine - the Lasermounter, first to design and build a flat table Lasermounter for Corrugated and PrePrint.."



Mounting machines can be configured for table mounting, clamshell mounting or no plate assist


Narrow Web Mounter

Lasermounter LS-n: Range of manual and semi-automatic mounters scalable up to 101cm


Wide Web Mounter

Lasermounter LS-w: Range of manual and semi-automatic mounters scalable up to 153cm


Corrugated Mounter, PrePrint Mounter on the round

Lasermounter LS-e round: Range of manual and semi-automatic mounters scalable up to 310cm for mounting on the ROUND


Corrugated Mounter, PrePrint Mounter on the flat

Lasermounter LS-e flat: Range of manual and semi-automatic mounters scalable up to 310cm for mounting on the FLAT



Absolutely the most accurate plate mounting systems available.

The fastest flexo plate mounting system available for the past 12 years.

The first flat top mounter for corrugated.

The NEW LS mounters are the paradigm shift you have been waiting for. Flexo printing plate mounter for the operators.

"These service based products are top of the range items that all printers should be using, Flexolink’s mandate is to make these products available to those with the mandate to be at the top of their game."




This is just what the doctor ordered, an anilox system that reduces anilox inventory, delivers exactly what you expect time and time again. No more ink splitting, no more excessive wear, no more collapsed walls. With a complete cleaning regime your anilox’s will last longer.


Long Life Doctor Blades

Our “Long LIFE” metal blades were developed to cope with the highly abrasive nature of whites, metallics and exhibit superior life on line colours. 2 to 4 times longer life than the conventional blades you are using.


Chamber seals

Compliment the long life doctor blades, no longer are blades and seals changed at different intervals. You can expect more than 450000 metres out of a set.


Anilox Cleaner

This product is a safe liquid based product. Applied using a simple sprayer, left 4 minutes, then another application, wait a further 4 minutes then wash off with water or solvent. Clean as a whistle!!! More information is available............application, cost.


Sleeves, bridging, adaptors, EPDM etc......

Full range of products to meet all of your needs, conductive, soft coated compressible, direct engraving, anilox base, spacer (thin sleeve), adaptor sleeve, carbon fibre bridging adaptors, EPDM rubber and compressible self adhesive sleeves.


Viscosity Control, Dynamic Heat Exchanger and Magnetic Ink Filters

These systems are without a doubt the benchmark viscosity systems of choice. InkSpec has long been the benchmark in Corrugated, Flexible Packaging and Gravure.................Inline printing, on a bag machine, slitter or extruder, will benefit enormously from the extra level of control.


Kwik Solutions

KwikPump - Centrifugal Ink pumps - ergonomic, Flexolink designed and manufactured

KwikPump Lifter - Lifts up to 8 pumps at a time for cleaning, ink colour changes etc - Dynamic!

KwikPump Trollies - simple solution for moving pumps and ink pails without the mess. 2 or 4 per trollie

KwikJib Cranes and other lifting systems

"Flexolink has had a long and refreshing  association with the Grand Masters of inline Printing, Giugni. Today they offer their first CI press, the F945.

If you are looking at 8 colours or more, talk to Flexolink about the options that are available, Comexi, Flexotecnica, W&H, Soma, Bobst and more"



Giugni inline printers, CI Printers and Coding solutions - the YouTube link below has it all.




Range of extraordinary printers up to 1500mm wide, applications are endless.

NEW Flexo CI mod F945, 4 colours print width 600mm, repeats 350 to 900mm

NEW  Flexo Passive  Flexo Platen  Flexo Servo  Flexo Modular, multi colour

Thermal  Rotary   Offset Reciprocating


Flexolink inline and modular systems

Inline printing on slitter rewinders

Inline printing on bag machines

Inline printing on extruders

Turnaround system for CI presses.............up to 10+10